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Our Oxygen Bar and Vitamin Therapy may be exactly what you need when you need it.

Welcome to The Hydro Bar at Zen Den Massage Studio.
We offer 18 different vitamin cocktails to choose from.
In addition to our IV cocktails are Vitamin pushes and shots for those who are short on time but still crave rejuvenation. Our Goal is to help you look and feel your best. So feel free to browse our site and get familiar with our services then come on in and relax in one of our chic facilities to Revive your Body, Mind, & Soul…..and before you leave don’t forget to try The Oxygen Bar and get a Full Body Massage.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Cocktails:
IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy is not a fad. It has been extensively studied by Dr. Meyer in the 1950’s, hence the Meyer’s cocktail. This cocktail is given to treat all that ails you, from migraine headaches and fibromyalgia to menstrual cramps and asthma. IV Vitamin therapy is also frequently administered in emergency room settings as a banana bag to treat alcoholics. It provides 100% cellular absorption and bio availability compared to only 15% oral absorption. IV Vitamin therapy promotes health, energizes the body, and even destroys cancer cells. 

All of our IV vitamin cocktails are infused with water soluble vitamins, amino acids, or minerals from FDA approved compounding pharmacies. 

How long and how often can IV vitamin cocktails be administered?
It take approximately 45 minutes to an hour for your cocktail to be administered and less than 5 minutes for a shot. We also have IV push cocktails if you are pressed for time which takes about 20 minutes. IV vitamin cocktails can be given once a week to once a month depending on the individual and their needs. 

Are there any side effects or allergic reactions to IV vitamin cocktails?
IV vitamin cocktail are generally safe and allergic reactions are rare because vitamins are naturally found in our bodies and in the foods that we eat. Minor side effects reported include a warm sensation from blood pressure lowering, slight dizziness, or faintness. 

Q:  What makes Vitamin IV so much better than traditional vitamins you can buy at the store?

A:   When you take vitamins orally, much of the vitamins are expelled in your urine so only about 15% is actually absorbed into the bloodstream and useful for the body. A Vitamin and mineral infused IV promises 100% absorption because it is introduced directly into the bloodstream and immediately saturates every cell in your body!

Q:   How Safe is Oxygen or IV therapy?

A:  Very Safe for the Majority! A few exceptions are those who are already on Oxygen for respiratory conditions and those with Kidney/Renal or Heart Conditions.  All the Vitamins and Minerals we use are “water soluble” and do not build any toxicity in the body.


  • B6 – boosts mood, melatonin, regulates body clock
  • B12 – assist with weight loss, increase sleep and energy, decrease weakness and memory loss
  • B Complex – converts food to fuel (B1/2/3/5/6/7/9 and trace minerals)
  • Vitamin C – antioxidant for immunity and skin clarity
  • Folic Acid – helps produce and maintain new cells
  • Glutathione – The mother of all antioxidants (great for skin/clarity and mood booster)


#1 “Don’t worry be Happy”  —De-stress/feel great and promote a better mood.

  •  B6/B12/Glutathione

#2 “Billy Da Kid”  —Start feeling like a kid again (brighten your complexion and boost your immunity).

  •  Glutathione/500mg Vitamin C

#3 “Loaded B’s”  —All of your B vitamins in one shot.

  •  B complex/B12/folic acid (B9)

#4 “My Sunshine”  —Sunshine in a syringe.

  •  Glutathione/B complex


Don’t have time to do a full IV but still want to get your dose of vitamins?
These push cocktail’s go into the vein—slow and steady.

#1 “Aiden my blues away (Push)”  —Feel great and enhance your mood.

  •  Glutathione/B12/Vitamin C

#2 “Soul Glo (Push)”  —For skin and immunity.

  •  Mega dose of Glutathione (400mg) and Vitamin C (1000mg)

#3 “Rowdy Goudy (Push)”  —A push that includes antioxidant and “the Cocktail”.

  •  Myer’s Cocktail/Glutathione

18 Vitamin IV Cocktails

#1 “Quicker picker upper” — A quick fix for jet lag or dehydration.

  •  1L bag of LR or NS w/B12        $99

#2 “The Hangover” –Hangover remedy after a night of drinking/partying.

  •  1L bag LR/folic acid/B complex/B12/Magnesium        $149

#3 “Mr/Ms. Olympia” –Athletes/Military/Fitness enthusiasts–speed up your healing.

  •  1L bag LR/B12 & complex/Magnesium/Vit C/L-Carnitine        $159

#4  “Energizer Bunny”  –Get your Energy Booster for fatigue.

  •  1 bag NS or LR/B12/B complex/Vitamin C       $129

#5 ”Myers’ Cocktail”  –For all that ails you (sinusitis/asthma/fibromyalgia etc.)

  •  1 bag NS or LR/”The Cocktail”       $149

#6 “The Gut Buster”  –This cocktail treats your vomiting/diarrhea or upset stomach.

  •  1L bag LR/anti-nausea/anti-heartburn    (Savannah location only)

#7 “Gone Viral”  –Cold and flu got you down? Try this simple remedy.

  •  1 bag NS/Mega vitamin C      $119

#8 “Macho Man”  —Boost your libido/sex drive/energy and stamina.

  •  1 bag NS/Amino acids *Argi-Carni*/Vitamin C/B6 &12/B complex Magnesium/folic acid   $199

#9 “Mama Mia”  —Beat the baby blues with this cocktail.

  •  1 bag RL/vitamin C/B12/Folic Acid/B6     $149


#10 “Head banger/call a cab”  –Migraine sufferer? Get back to living!!

  • (option 2) 1L NS/Myers cocktail/anti-nausea/O2    $179

#11 “Fountain of Youth”  –Anti-aging/ immune system booster.

  •  1 bag LR/vit C/Magnesium/B complex/Mega Glutathione/*Argi/Carni*     $159

#12 “Liv-ing Clean”  –detoxify your body with this amazing infusion.

  •  1 bag NS/Glutathione/B12 & complex/Magnesium/VitC/L-carnitine     $169

#13 “La Mexicana” —Hydration and nutrients for your hair/skin/bones.

  •  1 bag NS/Glutathione /Vitamin C/B complex/Calcium/MVI      $149

#14 “Frazzle Dazzle”  –Feeling a bit frazzled? Rejuvenate the mind/body and soul.

  •  1 bag NS/B12/folic acid/B6 & complex/Magnesium         $139

#15 “Dr. Feel Good”  –Antioxidant therapy (removes harmful free radicals).

  •  1 bag NS/Myers cocktail with Mega Vitamin C and Mega Glutathione     $169

#16 “Kaleigh’s Kocktail”  —Kreate your own Kocktail by adding any Vitamin Push Injection (20 minutes or less)

  •  250ml NS/Choice of Vitamin Push injection       $139

#17 “Skinny Minny”  —Fat buster IV…start losing weight today!

  •  1 bag RL/Myer’s cocktail/B12 and L-Carnitine       $159

#18 “The GENERAL”  —the big daddy of all vitamins—max doses.

  •  1 liter RL/Myers cocktail/Glutathione (Quad dose)  Vitamin C (Quad dose)/Folic acid/MVI
    B12 (super) x1—shot or IV      $250