The Hydro Bar at the Zen Den Massage Studio is the FIRST in the Area to offer BOTH Oxygen and IV Vitamin Therapy along with Massage Therapy!

QUESTION:  What makes IV vitamins so much better than traditional vitamins you can buy at the store?

ANSWER:   When you take vitamins orally, much of the vitamins are expelled in your urine so only about 15% is actually absorbed into the bloodstream and useful for the body. A Vitamin and mineral infused IV promises 100% absorption because it is introduced directly into the bloodstream and immediately saturates every cell in your body!


Question:   How Safe is Oxygen or IV therapy?

Answer:  Very Safe for the Majority! A few exceptions are those who are already on Oxygen for respiratory conditions and those with Kidney/Renal or Heart Conditions.  All the Vitamins and Minerals we use are “water soluble” and do not build any toxicity in the body.








#1 “Quicker picker upper” — A quick fix for jet lag or dehydration.

  •  1L bag of LR or NS w/B12        $99


#2 “The Hangover” –Hangover remedy after a night of drinking/partying.

  •  1L bag LR/folic acid/B complex/B12/Magnesium        $149


#3 “Mr/Ms. Olympia” –Athletes/Military/Fitness enthusiasts–speed up your healing.

  •  1L bag LR/B12 & complex/Magnesium/Vit C/L-Carnitine        $159


#4  “Energizer Bunny”  –Get your Energy Booster for fatigue.

  •  1 bag NS or LR/B12/B complex/Vitamin C       $129


#5 ”Myers’ Cocktail”  –For all that ails you (sinusitis/asthma/fibromyalgia etc.)

  •  1 bag NS or LR/”The Cocktail”       $149


#6 “The Gut Buster”  –This cocktail treats your vomiting/diarrhea or upset stomach.

  •  1L bag LR/anti-nausea/anti-heartburn    (Savannah location only)


#7 “Gone Viral”  –Cold and flu got you down? Try this simple remedy.

  •  1 bag NS/Mega vitamin C      $119


#8 “Macho Man”  —Boost your libido/sex drive/energy and stamina.

  •  1 bag NS/Amino acids *Argi-Carni*/Vitamin C/B6 &12/B complex Magnesium/folic acid   $199


#9 “Mama Mia”  —Beat the baby blues with this cocktail.

  •  1 bag RL/vitamin C/B12/Folic Acid/B6     $149



#10 “Head banger/call a cab”  –Migraine sufferer? Get back to living!!

  • (option 2) 1L NS/Myers cocktail/anti-nausea/O2    $179


#11 “Fountain of Youth”  –Anti-aging/ immune system booster.

  •  1 bag LR/vit C/Magnesium/B complex/Mega Glutathione/*Argi/Carni*     $159


#12 “Liv-ing Clean”  –detoxify your body with this amazing infusion.

  •  1 bag NS/Glutathione/B12 & complex/Magnesium/VitC/L-carnitine     $169


#13 “La Mexicana” —Hydration and nutrients for your hair/skin/bones.

  •  1 bag NS/Glutathione /Vitamin C/B complex/Calcium/MVI      $149


#14 “Frazzle Dazzle”  –Feeling a bit frazzled? Rejuvenate the mind/body and soul.

  •  1 bag NS/B12/folic acid/B6 & complex/Magnesium         $139


#15 “Dr. Feel Good”  –Antioxidant therapy (removes harmful free radicals).

  •  1 bag NS/Myers cocktail with Mega Vitamin C and Mega Glutathione     $169


#16 “Kaleigh’s Kocktail”  —Kreate your own Kocktail by adding any Vitamin Push Injection (20 minutes or less)

  •  250ml NS/Choice of Vitamin Push injection       $139


#17 “Skinny Minny”  —Fat buster IV…start losing weight today!

  •  1 bag RL/Myer’s cocktail/B12 and L-Carnitine       $159


#18 “The GENERAL”  —the big daddy of all vitamins—max doses.

  •  1 liter RL/Myers cocktail/Glutathione (Quad dose)  Vitamin C (Quad dose)/Folic acid/MVI
    B12 (super) x1—shot or IV      $250



#1 “Don’t worry be Happy”  —De-stress/feel great and promote a better mood.

  •  B6/B12/Glutathione


#2 “Billy Da Kid”  —Start feeling like a kid again (brighten your complexion and boost your immunity).

  •  Glutathione/500mg Vitamin C


#3 “Loaded B’s”  —All of your B vitamins in one shot.

  •  B complex/B12/folic acid (B9)


#4 “My Sunshine”  —Sunshine in a syringe.

  •  Glutathione/B complex




Don’t have time to do a full IV but still want to get your dose of vitamins?
These push cocktail’s go into the vein—slow and steady.


#1 “Aiden my blues away (Push)”  —Feel great and enhance your mood.

  •  Glutathione/B12/Vitamin C


#2 “Soul Glo (Push)”  —For skin and immunity.

  •  Mega dose of Glutathione (400mg) and Vitamin C (1000mg)


#3 “Rowdy Goudy (Push)”  —A push that includes antioxidant and “the Cocktail”.

  •  Myer’s Cocktail/Glutathione



  • B6 – boosts mood, melatonin, regulates body clock
  • B12 – assist with weight loss, increase sleep and energy, decrease weakness and memory loss
  • B Complex – converts food to fuel (B1/2/3/5/6/7/9 and trace minerals)
  • Vitamin C – antioxidant for immunity and skin clarity
  • Folic Acid – helps produce and maintain new cells
  • Glutathione – The mother of all antioxidants (great for skin/clarity and mood booster)